Trucker Joe Barker has one more delivery and he will head home to his wife and children. Unaware of the danger that has been sneaked into his load of lettuce he picks up a young hitchhiker.  But Annie is no ordinary runaway. An heiress she is highly educated and trained in martial arts. When they stop at a café for a dinner they never make it out of the parking lot. Hijacked by hooded terrorists with intricate plans to blow up hundreds of educators and children at the Los Angeles convention center they are shoved into the back of Joe’s truck, tied and left in the dark.

 Beaten, deprived of food and terrorized, the former marine and the pampered heiress must appear to cooperate if they are to live long enough to save the lives of the innocent conventioneers. With four days to thwart their captors’ horrendous plans Joe and Annie have a few surprises for the terrorists but will need more than skill and courage to stop the man from Cairo.

If Annie survives four days in captivity with terrorists, will she be able to return to the man she loves?




When Muslim creep reaches a l00% population density in a country, then it has reached ‘Dar-al Salaam’, the house of Peace. Everyone is Muslim and the Koran is the ultimate word. Afghanistan has reached the House of Peace.

Of course that does not stop them from slaughtering each other, which they do under the blanket of the Koran.  In Afghanistan, there are only divisions. Sunnis and Shiites. Pashtuns, Tajiks and Hazaras.

There was a story recently in the New York Times of a young couple that dared to strike up a romance, and were spotted together. Pulled from their car they were surrounded and had the police not stopped the mob, the couple would have been stoned to death for their relationship, which involved different sects.

Mohammad the so- called messenger from Allah, was a warlord, an illiterate, a pedophile and a man with many wives, one of which was six years old when he married her. The vile religion he spewed was a cult that calls for the oppression of women and the murder of any rivals. Prisons in Afghanistan are filled with women that ran from abusive marriages. They are sentenced to l0 years for fleeing from abusive marriages.

 Islam allowed this warlord to pillage and slaughter his way across the world. His savagery is being repeated a millions times across the world up to and including today, under the cover of Islam the religion of Peace.

Countries with a 2% or less Muslim population will not see Islamic violence. Muslims in these countries are seen as peace loving, non- combative. The population of Muslims in the USA is 0.6%.

Once a Muslim population reaches 2% to 5% such as in the UK, (2.7%) the recruitment begins, with a focus on prisoners and minority communities where seduction is easier.

Once the Muslim population exceeds 5% they are skilled at shoving their ideology into the society with threats and claims of discrimination. For instance they may insist upon the introduction of specially prepared foods in accordance with Islamic standards. (Halal food) They will scream like crazy if their demands are not met, claiming discrimination and oppression and religious bigotry. USA has already accepted Halal food, and it can be found even in Wal-Mart.

This is followed by a push to allow them to settle their private legal matters via Sharia Law. Small courts allowing Sharia law may be tolerated when the population reaches around 6% density. There are many, many Sharia courts in the UK. Look for one to be accepted in New Jersey, where Governor Christie recently appointed a Muslim to the Bench. New Jersey is on a fast tract to becoming our first Sharia state. Some disputes in the USA have already been settled under Sharia Law when it came to family problems.

Towns with a 40% Muslim population can expect real terror. (Bosnia 40%)

Over 60% there will be unchecked murder of non Muslims, outright persecution of Christians and Jews and all infidels. Sharia Law reins supreme.(Sudan 70%)

After 80% the ethnic cleansing and murders may be state sponsored until they reach the ‘Dar-al Salaam’ HOUSE OF PEACE.

 Then they turn on each other.


                                          LUNATIC ANJEM CHOUDARY

On March 3, 2011 fanatic lunatic Anjem Choudary will lead a group in front of the White House, up chucking his ugly speeches, showing his evil face and trying to whip up enough hatred for America so he can hoist the Islamic hate flag over our capitol and revel in its ugly message. The group organizing this foul event is the Islamic Thinkers Society.

Anjem Choudary is the moron that got into a verbal altercation with little old Sean Hannity when he said things like,  “Americans are the biggest criminals in the world.”

 Choudary, said the rally this Thursday is,  a call for Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and establish the Islamic State in America.” He told the Daily Star, “We expect thousands to come out and support us.”



 Perhaps this fool’s most famous and annoying remark is The flag of Islam will fly over the White House.”

Mr Choudary, 43, is the former leader of outlawed group Islam4UK. Also in this gathering of morons and  spewing dirty hot air are two other charming radicals, Abu Izzadeen and Sayful Islam.

Abu Issadeen was released recently from a 3 ½ yr prison term for calling for the beheading of any Muslim that joined the British army. According to the Telegraph, Izzadeen, 34, AKA  Trevor Brooks, led a group of Islamic radicals who stormed the moderate Regents Park Mosque in central London.

Then there is 24 yr old Sayful Islam, which means  Sword of Islam. (His real name is Ishtiaq Alamgir)  Sayful is the leader of  an extremist Muslim group with about 800 members  who regard Osama bin Laden as their hero. When the trade towers went down, killing thousands of our citizens he said: “When I watched those planes go into the Twin Towers, I felt elated”

I’m just asking, why, why, why  do we allow these degenerates into our country?

                           THE RAPE OF LARA LOGAN BY MUSLIMS

There has not been much coverage by the mainstream press concerning the brutal rape of Lara Logan, CBS reporter last week in Tahrir Square, Cairo. The mainstream media has been too busy engaged in exhilarating celebration over those wonderful young men marching for peace as the brutal assault was being conducted.


For days we heard only that a CBS reporter was assaulted. The details began to immerge from accounts taken from video and camera phones. But still the mainstream media says little of the brutal attack. To protect the Egyptian men standing just behind Lara prior to the attach CBS made their faces fuzzy in the photograph.

To report on such a violent and disgusting attack on a young, innocent woman would darken the mood, blacken the event, and even worse it would bring to the surface a discussion about Sharia Law which condones this sort of violence against infidel women, Christians and Jews.

According to reports from videos and camera phones a crowd of approximately 200 men surrounded the girl, separating her from her companion and screamed “Jew” and “American Bitch.” (She is neither Jewish nor American) Her clothes were ripped off and she was groped, beaten, bitten, urinated and masturbated upon, raped vaginally and anally for up to three hours and left bloodied and soiled by semen and urine. The crowd simply watched.

After several hours of being brutalized, a few women and twenty Egyptian soldiers rescued her. She returned to the USA and was hospitalized.


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