Clear Violation of Building Code

Totally inappropriate site for Mosque

Peaceful Neighborhood, no place for a Mosque

Protestors turn out en massse

Despite the fact that building a mosque in this neighborhood is a violation of the law, the city officials are looking the other way as the Muslim Brotherhood continues construction of this mosque in a quiet neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay, NY. 

Folks in this neighborhood have been protesting for months, while government officials responsible for enforcing ordinances have caved to the Islamic pressure. The Muslim Brotherhood is building a huge mosque and taking a leaf from the book of the Ground Zero Imam, they are calling it a community outreach.

 The People of the neighborhood have banded together in an attempt to protect their neighborhood under the name of the Bay People. The following is from their website:

 Bay People Inc. is a New York based organization that was created by a group of Sheepshead Bay residents with a goal of protecting quality of life in our residential neighborhood. Bay People is not affiliated with any political party and our activists do not share common religion, race or heritage.

All of our activists are volunteers and we welcome every resident who wants to participate.

Our first neighborhood project is to stop a construction of an over sized mosque/community center at 2812 Voorhies Ave that is set to replace a quiet residential home.

Elected officials and Community Board 15 have dismissed our quality of life concerns for “political correctness.” The proposed construction encroaches on our rights to privacy, health, safety and is an intrusive, unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of our properties. Religion cannot and will not be an excuse for zoning violations and inappropriate development, and we will not be the “silent majority.” 

The people of this community have seen other residential communities in the state lose their neighborhoods and two of their concerns are voiced in the following objections numbers 6 and 7:

 6) Precedents of the same problem. Other mosques in the city are creating just the problems we are trying to avoid. We don’t want to end up fighting against “call to prayer” which is what people in Parkchester are doing now. Their neighborhood mosque wants to broadcast loudspeaker calls to prayer that would be heard three blocks from the mosque. The Imam specifically states: “Islam requires us to do adhan,” (call to prayer).

 7) Organization behind the project. According to various sources, including Anti-Defamation League, the organization behind the project “has a troubling history of associations with radical organizations and individuals that promote terrorism, anti-Semitism and reject Israel’s right to exist”.

This was based partly on the discovery of a mosque in Florida that was found to be raising funds for terrorists groups such as Hamas.

There is also concern as to where the money is coming from for the purchase of the property and well as construction. The property was purchased by Allowey Almed who reported his occupation as “unemployed” and owns three properties in Brooklyn. The mortgage on the property was paid in full last year.

Andrea Peyser in an excerpt from the New York Post May 20 2010, summons it up as follows:

“The mosque at Ground Zero has company.

As far from Manhattan as one can get before hitting ocean, the people who live in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, have long prided themselves on peace, quiet and exceptional pizza. But now, they’ve been tarred as bigots, racists and worse. And that’s by their friends.

A four-story mosque and community center is planned to tower over a narrow, residential strip, just as a 13-story monstrosity is set to cast a shadow over Ground Zero. The mosque, to be planted on Voorhies Avenue, is flanked on all sides by private houses, and sits across the street from an elementary school. It is planned to serve about 1,500 Muslims.”

 Americans have to face the fact that mosques are not just places of worship. They are training grounds and fund raisers and it has been proven that those funds have been  funneled to terrorists groups intent upon killing Christians, Jews and infidels as well as the Muslim Brotherhood who are determined to establish Sharia Law in this country and “fly the flag of Islam” over the WhiteHouse..

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