CODE PINK . . .A group of Hags

A group of angry, disturbed women have grouped together under the name of Code Pink and refer to themselves as feminist, despite the fact there is nothing feminine about any of them.


 In a peculiar stand that is anti American, they align themselves with Islamic radicals and terrorists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. At one point in their sorry misbehaving they called for the kidnapping of George Bush and Mrs. Bush and actually appealed to the jihadists to help them affect the kidnapping and “join us in cleansing our country.” 



Susan Benjamin a co- founder of the pathetic group supports terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and to show her solidarity with anything that is not American sounding she changed her name to Medea Benjamin.

 The group has made numerous trips to Egypt in an attempt to aid the uprising and at one point solicited funds “to support the revolution.” According to Medea Benjamin they raised $10,000.00.

 At one demonstration the Code Pink gang got pretty ugly with words as reported by Brietbart at Big Government and targeted two Supreme Court Justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. They described Thomas as “dumb-shit scumbag” and said he should be “put back in the fields,” and have his fingers and toes cut off and be force-fed the dismembered digits. As for Alito, he should “Go back to Sicily” 


While spewing out such ugly violent rhetoric they attack the Tea Party folks accusing them of being racist. Of course they were out in the streets with the pink signs protesting the King hearing on Islamic radicalism.

 In August last year Medea was arrested for trespassing at the home of Erik Prince, Blackwater founder. She was cuffed and led away by police.

 She is anti anything that is American and once stated that living in Castro’s Cuba made her feel “like she died and went to heaven.”  (From Discover the

 According to Medea Benjamin was instrumental in putting together the 1999 protest to the Seattle World Trade Organization where protestors went on a rampage breaking store windows and burning cars because they are against globalization. 

Co- Founder Jodie Evans, has institutional ties to terrorist founder Mike Roselle, a terrorist group ranked as No. 1 domestic terrorism threat by the FBI.

 These very unattractive, anti-American, communist sympathizers appear even more ridiculous when you look at the photos of them in their “boot camp” or parading about with the pink parasols. They would just be a joke if they did not endanger our troops by storming bases, encouraging desertion and fomenting demoralization as well as encouraging terrorists.  They disrupt commerce by shutting down streets with their protestors who sometimes appear naked to gain attention and they leave in their wake serious damage costing the tax- payers millions of dollars to clean up their mess.  They are an embarrassment to women and to the country.  They use our right to free speech to destroy and bring down our country.



 I’m not sure why people that so hate this country and work against it are allowed to walk around spewing their hate and causing such destruction. Seems like it might be a good idea to shuffle them off to the Cuba that they love so much or Pakistan where women have no rights at all.

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