Most of us are brought up to respect differences. We have family members and friends that don’t believe as we do and we even marry people with different faiths and it doesn’t cause a problem. Of course there are some folks that don’t tolerate others beliefs but there always will be.

But, I do fear Islam.

About two years ago I started my third novel, which is about a young girl who runs away from home. Not a new concept but this girl is from a wealthy family and has had all the advantages but her parents are worse than negligent. The girl runs to an art colony so she can paint and soon finds she doesn’t really fit in. On her way home a nice truck driver gives her a lift but before they can go far, the truck is high- jacked along with the trucker and the girl. The high-jackers are terrorists.


Thus began my study of Islam. I was amazed at what I learned. For instance this is mind- boggling: Popular thought is that the  Koran is the source of all the teaching of Islam. Not so! The sacred texts, teachings for Islam are derived from three sources, The Trilogy. Only 14% are derived from the Koran. 60% are from the Hadith and 26% are from the Sira. The Trilogy is the final word on all things Islam.

The Hadith is a collection of stories and traditions concerning Muhammad and the Sira is Mohammed’s biography. AND 64% of the Koran deals with the unbelievers. Kafir.

Not being Muslim is serious stuff in some countries. Speaking against Islam is punishable by death. Pakistani Sherry Rehman offered a bill to parliament calling for changes in the blasphemy law that would remove the death penalty. This resulted in a fatwa and fanatics are after her. In this case Ms. Rehman did not denounce her religion she simply wanted to remove the death penalty for those that might say anything that might be considered blasphemous.

Ms Rehman has been a campaigner for human rights for many years and was one of the founders for the Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission. About the blasphemy law she said, “It creates a clear incentive to many to misuse the law to settle personal scores and grab property.”

One poor man was accused of blasphemy for throwing a business card in the trash that had a symbol of Islam on it.

Perhaps the most insightful thing I learned about  Islam is you cannot be a true believer if you are not actively working at spreading Islam. Spreading the religion is mandatory for all true Muslims. To fail in this duty is serious.

There are two ways to spread Islam. It can be done by stealth or violence. We all see the violence on the news and the signs that are waived claiming Islam will conquer the world. It’s the stealth we don’t see. The steady creep into our political structures, our businesses our schools, our armed forces.

It comes packaged with a smile, a friendly demeanor and lies. Yes, they even have word they use for lying in defense of their religion. Taqiyya, which means “religious deception.”

It’s OK to pretend you are building a mosque at ground zero as community outreach if the true purpose is to spread Islam. It’s OK to participate in our armed services as long as the goal is to spread Islam and later when the opportunity arises, kill a bunch of soldiers.

It’s OK to become a member of congress and talk about peaceful coexistence if you can just get Sharia law into the fabric of our society. Once Sharia law is established Muslims can stop pretending that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam is much, much more than a religion. It is an ideology that encompasses all facets of life, religion, politics, finances, law and family life.

The creep is everywhere. In congress, in the White House, in our schools and it just keeps building.

Yes, I fear Islam, because I can see what has happened to Europe and it is irrevocable.

I found this in my research so I will quote:

What is the true nature of Islam? There are two distinct answers to this question from the media and leaders. The popular message is that Islam is one of the great world religions, a peaceful religion, a foundation of world civilization, its Golden Age was the highpoint of history, and it preserved Western thought while we were in the Dark Ages. The alternative message is that Islam is a brutal, backward, woman abusing, violent, intellectually narrow ideology that is out to annihilate civilization.”

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