Take a convicted criminal and felon who is serving a sentence for some violent crime and introduce him to the thrill of jihad and you may get a convert. Locked into prison there is ample time and opportunity for indoctrination and the prisoner may feel like he is being introduced to something important and significant.

The Washington Times had an article in 2002 in which Muslim recruitment in prison was examined. According to Cal Thomas there is a well-established program funded by the Saudis for the purpose of recruiting black inmates. The goal is to convert them to Wahhabism and instill anti-Americanism.

Wahhabism is the dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia and by far the most extreme and violent. Osama bin Laden was a Wahhabi.


In 2009 four Muslim prison recruits,James Cromitie, Onta Williams, David Williams and Laguerre Payen were arrested for plotting to shoot down military jets with Stinger missiles and blow up New York synagogues. All four were American-born jailhouse converts to Islam. The charges are significant and include conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction in the United States and conspiracy to acquire and use anti-aircraft missiles.


Jose Padilla a Chicago gang member was also radicalized in prison and arrested when he attempted to explode a dirty bomb. The Shoe Bomber, Richard Reid was another prison inmate who became radicalized in prison and later attempted to blow up an American Airline passenger plan.



There are numerous examples of prisoners that have radicalized in prison by an outreach program that has it roots in Saudi Arabia, in fact according to Atlas Shrugs, found in the documents in bin Laden’s home after his demise were papers in which he planned to recruit, “African-American Muslim converts to carry out attacks on the homeland. The goal was to not only kill and maim in the actual operations, but to create a divisiveness that would cause more damage than al Qaeda could ever hope to do on their own.”

Interestingly the man who created the Muslim Chaplain Program has been convicted of terrorism and doing a 23 year jail stint.

CAIR spokesman Zead Ramadan predictably said, “Islam is at its core a peaceful religion and that those who advocate violence in the name of Islam have misrepresented it.” He also said “Islam makes them (prisoners) understand what integrity is, what honor is, and the value of human life,”

Yes, he said this with a straight face.

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