This week a Michigan man shot his step- daughter to death. Angry that she had left home and was not following Islam her father Rahim Alfetlawi 45 killed her. Jessica Mokdad was just twenty years old and was at her grandmother’s home when her father shot her to death.

 Alfetlawi is claiming the gun discharged accidentally. That is his excuse so far anyway.

When Muhammad Parvez killed his daughter he said, “This is my insult. My community will say you have not been able to control your daughter. This is my insult. She is making me naked.” Aqsa Parvez didn’t want to wear a head scarf and comply with strict Islam law, so in accordance with Sharia Law, her father and her brother killed her. Muhammad Parvez  believed that by murdering his daughter he was doing the right thing from an Islamic standpoint.

Fortunately Canadian Law did not see it that way and Parvez and his son have been sentenced to spend the rest of their lives in jail.

Islam law does not discourage honor killings and that is why they continue. According to a manual guide on Islamic law, which has been certified as reliable by Al-Azhar University, killing your own daughter is “not subject to retaliation.” That also includes the grandchildren

Over 90% of honor killings worldwide happen in an Islamic context according to Phyllis Chesler who is considered an expert in this phenomenon. With Muslims living among us and practicing Sharia Law these killings are sure to continue in our own communities if Muslim leaders do not speak out against them.

Muslim men who commit these atrocities believe they are following Sunni orthodoxy, because it is supported by their leaders and not denounced by them.  Until Muslim leaders acknowledge that honor killings in the West are not tolerated and change their attitudes and their orthodoxy, the killings will continue and many more young women will die.

Until the politically correct stop calling Islam the religion of peace and denying that these killings are acts of Sharia Law these killings will continue.

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