They first saw each other in an ice cream factory where their eyes met furtively for a few seconds. Teenagers, flirting while supervised, managed to make contact. One of them discretely tossed a phone number on the floor.

It was the beginning of a romance.

A romance between two Afghan teens, and it was soon to become violent.

They were spotted riding together in a car and all hell broke loose, because these two were of different ethnicities. Men dragged them from the car and a crowd of 300 assembled to demand an explanation. How dare they be seen together when this was not arranged, not sanctioned?

The crowd was angry, yelling and demanding they be stoned for their indiscretion, but they were finally rescued by security, which made the mob even angrier. They stormed the police station, burned cars, and the riot went on for hours ending with one man dead and the teenagers, Halima Mohammedi and her boyfriend Mohammed in custody.

Halima’s uncle visited her in jail and assured her that she had shamed the family. Her father also visited, and promised her she would die for her sins. In fact dad asked the government to just kill them. “Blood is perhaps the only way,” he said.

They should be stoned just like a young couple the previous year, stoned to death by family and friends and neighbors for their illicit affair.

It’s in the book, the Koran.

It’s in the country where American men are dying.

Why was that again that US is in Afganistan? Can’t remember.




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