A secretive foreign network of Islamic radicals now operates dozens of charter schools which receive government money but are not required to adopt a state-approved curriculum — on U.S. soil.” (Stephen Schwartz, American Thinker)

Shocking but true. There are over 100 charter schools concentrated in California, Ohio and Texas and 17 other states that have a secret agenda led by Turkish conspirator Fethullah Gülen. Some of the names used in his organization are, Daisy, Momentum, Beehive, Magnolia, Sonoran Academy etc. A complete roster of all these charter schools and their locations can be found on ActForAmerica.com)

Who is Gulen? He is a Turkish imam who left Turkey in l998 where he faced charges for trying to undermine the Turkish government by trying to establish an Islamic government. He has no formal education. Gulen lives in the United States and is considered one of the worlds most influential Muslims. Homeland Security has been trying to deport him but so far have not been successful.

The network of charter schools that Gulen runs in American are referred to as FGC, for his name. Here in the U.S. the FGC runs over 90 charter public schools in at least 20 states.

Turkey has gradually moved from a secular government to an Islamic state in which Sharia law is implemented and this appears to be Gulen’s objective in America. His budget for operating schools and foundations all over the world is 25 billion dollars.

In order to promote his charter schools it is reported that he relies on every method, including deception. In Minnesota one of his charter schools is so obviously Islamic the Dept. of Education in that state has cited it twice and ACLU has filed suit against it. It is an example of Gulen’s use of Taqiyya, which is blatant lying in order to promote the religion. In his own words Gulen said, “move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers.”

Gulen operates three schools in Tucson ranging from kindergarten through eight grade under the name of Sonoran Science Academy. One parent complained that most of the teachers seem to be Turkish and historical events such as the Turkish genocide against the Armenians during WWI is not acknowledged.

There are 4691 charter schools currently operating in the U.S. Charter schools are public schools and are funded at 61 percent of their district counterparts, averaging $6,585 per pupil compared to $10,771 per pupil at conventional district public schools. They are required to follow the federal laws and guidelines set under the U.S. Department of Education if they receive federal funding as explained by the Department of Education.

Gadi Adelman researcher stated the following on the Weekly Blitz:

“In the United States, Gulen operates the largest charter school network in America and enjoys the cooperation and protection of the U.S. government. His schools stress intercultural dialogue and tolerance. They include a curriculum that teaches the Golden Age of Turkey or the period of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish language, dance, culture, cooking and Islam, all financed by American taxpayers.”

Adelman further stated, “The Gulen movement is here and is being promoted by our own Government.”

On Septembear 25 2008 at the 3rd Annual Friendship Dinner by Turkish Cultural Center, former President Clinton lavished them with praise for “strengthening the fabric of our common humanity, as well as promoting the ongoing cultural and educational ties that bind our world together.”

Dalia Mogahed, President Barack Obama’s Muslim advisor, said “I think the Gülen movement offers people a model of what is possible if a dedicated group of people work together for the good of the society. I also think that it is an inspiration for other people and Muslims for what they can accomplish.”

These are radical Muslims that have a foothold in our charter schools in order to promote radical Islam and Sharia Law. That has been and is their objective and the reason the founder had to flee Turkey before it became an Islamic state.

(The information in this hub is derived from articles in the The Weekly Blitz, Gadi Adelman, author/researcher, The American Thinker, Stephen Schwartz, and Act for America, Guy Rogers, author)

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