Never has a video has had such a profound effect on me. I actually felt nauseated at times and this turned into overwhelming sadness and eventually anger then back to overwhelming sadness.

I had been researching the Internet trying to find reasons for the Muslim Rage. I’m the mother of three sons, now grown, so when I see literally millions of young men stomping and raging and expressing such hate I can’t help but ponder the WHY of this behavior. We are talking about generations of young men so filled with hate they are willing to blow themselves up and kill others because of their religion. Well religion is just an excuse to hate and kill. We all know that. I doubt if these young men give a rat’s behind about the religious beliefs of Jews and Christians.

In fact an interesting thing I read about Muslims is because many of them are uneducated, very few of them read Arabic and the Koran is written in Arabic. Hence, they haven’t a clue what is in their Koran; they just hate Jews and Christians because that is what they have been taught. Taught by leaders in search of power and position.

Anyway as I searched I came upon an article written by Spengler in the Asia Times and confirmed that which I have been suspecting for some time and that is, there is a sexual problem with these men raised in the Middle East. Their culture going back centuries and their current culture wherein they have such a peculiar relationship with women is abnormal and frustrating and barbaric. They grow up with women that are shrouded behind yards of black fabric and with whom they are not allowed to interact. They are taught to disrespect and subjugate women and to beat and even kill them. At the same time are taught that young boys are fair game.



At the same time they are taught that Mohammad was the perfect man and to be emulated in all things. But Mohammad was a pedophile. He married little Aisha at the age of six, taking her literally off the playground and having sex with her when she was only nine. And Mohammad was mass murderer, killing, plundering, raping and all in the name of Allah.

  Pederasty, the sexual relationship between two males when one of them is a minor, is not considered homosexual in nature by the Middle East and has been a part of their culture going back centuries. The poets of the Golden Age, Hafez and Rumi often wrote of the desirability of beardless boys and dancing boys.

This video is about the current-dancing boys of Afghanistan. Little boys from impoverished homes that are taken and forced into dancing and becoming sex slaves to the rich and powerful. Some of them dance for years and some of them are murdered.

Their lives are ruined. They say so in the video. http://vimeo.com/11352212




One of the users of little boys is a high ranking military man beside whom our soldiers fought the Taliban, and whom our tax dollars support. It is maddening to think that our precious soldiers are risking their lives for this group of people. It just sickens and enrages me. Curious is the fact that the Taliban did not allow this practice but with their defeat the dancing boys have returned and it is widespread through Afghanistan.

Afghan journalist Quraishi has filmed police attending a party where a young boy is the “entertainment and one in attendance was on the juvenile crime squad.

Here is a quote from one of these scum bag Afghanistan men:

“I am married, but I prefer boys to women,” he adds. “You can’t take women with you to parties in this region, and you can’t make them dance. These boys are our prestige.”

Please watch this rather lengthy video. Set aside some time to really watch the entire thing. Look at this scum of Afghanistan and you will be angry too. Folks we need to know these things and we need to take a stand.

There is something terribly wrong about the political leaders that allow our men and our resources to be squandered on these Middle East cesspools. Why are we still in Afghanistan? Why are we in Libya? Why are we still in Iraq? We had a mission, once, but there is no mission now.


Please, no comments concerning the sexual indiscretions of Catholic priests, American perverts, etc, etc. I’ve heard it already.

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