peaceful Muslims burning our flag



A video of Palestinians celebrating wildly over the 9/11 attack on Amerca:

A video of Muslims cutting several men’s heads off. cutting people’s throats

A video of Muslims pouring gasoline over the heads of men and lighting them on fire: praises

These videos are extremely hard to watch. They are real people being brutally killed by fellow Muslims while they praise Allah and video tape it.

 If you think you can ignore the stealth movement of Islam into America and it will go away, you could not be more wrong. It is extremely contagious and moves easily into cities, communities and countries. Once it has fastened onto the host it breeds more disease until the entire host is destroyed. This disease breeds quickly and wherever is takes hold there are millions of diseased people ready to spread out and infect more people, more countries.

There is only one way to stop this disease. You must study it, learn about it, understand it and then you will take measures to be sure you do not succumb to it.  This not something you want in your country, your neighbor hood, your schools, your churches or your government. This is not something you want your children exposed to.

Until you understand the use of TAQIYYA and abrogation you will continue like most Americans to be fooled by this ideology. Until you understand that it is not at all like one of our religions but instead it is an political force that covers every aspect of Muslim life.

If you read the history behind Muhammad it helps to understand this so called religion and the Koran.

Muhammad was born into very poor circumstances and orphaned at the age of six. He worked as a camel herder and considered as a low class citizen until he was twenty-five and was married to a wealthy widow 15 years is senior. He learned sales skills working in his wife’s camel business and at the age of 40 he claims to have been visited by Allah.

He struggled for years trying to persuade others into believing what he claimed Allah had revealed to him. Sometimes he included other pagan beliefs into his revelations. Eventually through force Muhammad managed to build a following. The Koran was written over a period of years as Allah spoke to Muhammad and often reflected exactly that which was taking place in Muhammad’s life. For instance if he lusted for another’s wife, Allah would reveal to him a passage to be added to the Koran which would permit Muhammad to obtain that which he desired. If Muhammad beheaded hundreds of innocents, remarkably Allah would give him a revelation that the killings were necessary. And so on and so on throughout this despicable, filthy book, THE KORAN.

The Koran is nothing more than the ramblings of a mad man, a mass murderer, a pedophile and degenerate. Any peaceful passages in the Koran are abrogated.

Last week in the world there were 29 Jihad attacks, 169 killed, 413 injured. That was the work of the religion of peace for one week.


Once you take the time to study Islam you need to inform others. Write to your politicians. Do everything you can to stop the Islamization of America. Stop the appointing of judges to the bench that are Muslims. They are determined to install Sharia Law into our country and it must be stopped. Stop the building of Mosques. These sold called religious centers are training grounds for Jihadists. A recent survey concludes 80% of mosques right in this country are teaching jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism.

Visit websites that are current daily on the spread of this disease.,, Religionof,,


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