Standing outside a library in Bloomington, Minn., Samira was just handing out books,Korans to be exact when suddenly; inexplicably she decided to stab a couple of people with something.

 A woman passing by got a stab of something sharp to her back. 

Samira Abdalla Salim, Minnesota Muslim

Samira Abdalla Salim age 35 was often seen at the library as she lived next door and often stood outside the library handing out the Koran and talking religion. She was described as peaceful. You know a peaceful Muslim handing out a book that calls for the death, decapitation and annihilation of all infidels. It is just mind boggling that this peaceful Muslim woman could attack two strangers out of the blue, for no reason, unprovoked. Isn’t it?

 Anyway, the stabbed woman yelled for help and the security guard ran to assist her and  Samira stabbed him in the stomach.

 I can’t help but wonder if lil Samira knew if the woman and the security guard were Muslims or Christians or Jews or Buddhists, or Atheists.  I mean assume she was trying to convert them. She could have at least asked them if they were followers of Allah before she stabbed them

 Her neighbor, Anisa Ahmed said, “ I never thought she would do that. She was very nice.” 

She was arrested and charged with 2nd degree assault, or something like that.

 Maybe she should switch to different reading material. Ya think? Maybe take a  different approach to converting folks.

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