The State Department issued 100,000 visas every year to MUSLIMS! 

Despite overwhelming evidence that these people hate Americans, hate our way of life, hate our freedoms and have every intention of destroying us and usurping our laws with their own 7th century radical Sharia Law, we welcome them

Despite their own stated hatred for gays and their determination to kill all homosexuals we welcome them.  

Despite their own proclivity for rape and violence, we welcome them.

 Despite their stated goal to kill all jews and destroy Israel, we welcome them. 

Despite their constant complaining and whining about being victims when they are the least discriminated group of minorities in this country, we welcome them.

 Despite their every intention of erecting huge mosques in quiet neighborhoods where they are not wanted and their violation of building codes, we welcome them. 

Despite their blatant criticism of our President when he visits a country with a Muslim population, we welcome them.

 Despite their practice of honor killings taking place in our own country, we welcome them.

 Despite the fact that we continue to find them making bombs and plotting the destruction of our cities and our people, we welcome them.

 Despite the fact that we can see the havoc and trouble they have caused European countries and the statements from those leaders that they are causing terrible problems, we welcome them. 

RECENTLY an Egyptian Islamic leader Abu Ishak Al Huweini gave a television speech in which he advocated using jihad as a means of becoming wealthy and said the reason they were poor is because they were not practicing jihad.  He expounded on the pleasures of jihad and how it can enrich the warriors of jihad because they can take home women and children and sell them. To repeat! This is a leader in Egypt on a recent television broadcast. You know, the recently liberated Egypt.

 Islam is a dangerous and radical ideology with no connection to religion. It is the excuse of psychopaths to kill, plunder, rape and destroy people and undermine countries and we bring them into our country by the thousands.

 We welcome them and we put them into our government and appoint them to the bench and we are terrified of offending them or stopping their migration into our country when we know perfectly well they are here to destroy us. We know because they say so.  

The say it over and over again and they demostrate it but we our leaders are too weak and afraid to take a stand against this threat.

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