“. Half of the Hindu world, the Buddhist states of Central and Southeast Asia, the vast majority of Jews and Christians in Asia Minor, North Africa and the Middle East…all destroyed utterly by the sword of Mohammed and ruled by Muslims to this day” (FROM The Anti Jihadist on Front Page Magazine) 

Why they will win the west:

For starters population!

Muslims are not allowed birth control and are encouraged to birth as many babies as possible. And Muslim men may have more than one wife. Hence Muslims are populating the world with believers of Allah. 


Christians, Jews and others are not welcome or safe in Muslim countries. Muslims on the other hand are not only welcomed in America but encouraged to come here en masse. They need do no more than procreate in order to drown our population because Westerners are having fewer and fewer babies. It is rather like Southern California. The influx of Mexicans into Los Angeles has made it basically a Mexican country within a country. 


Islam is organized and their beliefs under Sharia law are followed. They are determined and tenacious and extremely patient. They have been working at conquering the world for centuries. Their goal is the West, especially America.  They have a well-orchestrated plan for destroying America, as we know it. They come here under the guise of peace and they infiltrate our government and legal systems, schools and neighborhoods.  They build mosques throughout cities and neighborhoods. These are their strongholds and their symbols to the world that they are conquering us. Why do you suppose they are so adamant about building a mosque at Ground Zero? Because it is a sign of conquest. 

So, you know a Muslim and she is a lovely, peaceful woman. Of course she is. She is a pawn of the Sharia law she lives under. She may be a quiet woman, obeying the dictates of her faith and her husband and trying to survive. And she may have no idea what the Koran says or what the movers and shakers of Islam have in mind for her or America. Do you have any idea what terror Muslim women live under should they leave the faith? Do you know what Muslim men do to their daughters that appear to Westernized? They slice off their heads in some cases.

 The Muslim Brotherhood is taking over the Middle East. They have clearly articulated goals and the way to achieve those goals. You can read these goals on hundreds of sites on the Internet. They plan on destroying our country. They tell us over and over again what they have in mind for us but our leaders are not listening.

 To aid and assist the Muslim Brotherhood we have useful idiots in our government like representative CynthiaMc Kinney who recently while in the Middle East suggested that we follow the lead of Gaddafi in order to establish a better democracy, or Governor Christy of NJ who actually appointed a Muslim to the bench, or representative Ellison who tried to stop the King hearings on radicalizing Americans. There are many more Muslims appointed by Obama in his administration. 

These uninformed, useful idiots have no idea what damage they are doing. 

Multiculturism and Political Correctness.

Americans are terrified of being called bigots, Islamaphobes, or denying immigration to any group of people. I will get comments for this article calling me a bigot. We have become so politically correct we cannot accept the truth and we attack anyone that speaks out. We used to screen immigrants for health, political connections and the ability to take care of themselves. Now we don’t. It’s that simple. 

Denying the facts.

Hundreds of people are killed by Muslims every single day.  Muslims kill Jews and Christians and all infidels and they kill each other. They blow themselves up and the mothers of young boys sell them into jihad. Yes, Saudi Arabia pays for young boys to train to learn jihad and kill themselves.  They are very, very busy, killing. So what makes America think we are safe from them? Because you have a lovely, peaceful Muslim neighbor? Or the man at the corner mini mart is always so friendly and nice? To call the killers extremists and fanatics is just wrong thinking. THEY ARE ISLAM doing exactly what they tell us everyday they want to do and that is dominate the world. Islam is a culture of death. They covet it, embrace it and cause it daily.

 The Solution?

It is a weighty problem, but some things seem obvious. We must stop Middle Eastern immigration without careful screening. Any Middle Eastern immigrant that runs for office or desires to become a leader in any of our government organizations, schools or our justice system needs careful screening. Is it bigoted to single out Middle Easterners? NO. They are the only culture beating their chests on a daily basis about taking over the world and killing Jews and Christians. They are the only culture actively raping and killing people all over the world. That is only common sense and it is not bigoted.

  If you consider the terrorists that have caused deaths to Americans they are often members of armed service, students here on visas and American citizens. They were not carefully screened because we are so afraid of offending we would rather let them victimize and kill us. Anything at all but allow ourselves to be called bigots.

 Kind American must toughen up and face the facts and start protecting themselves and their country from this threat from within.

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