Well, some cultures believe that!

Muslim preacher, Sheik al-Hilali refers to women on the beaches in bathing suits as “uncovered meat.” This is his excuse for Muslim men who rape women. Thus, if a woman appears in public in a bathing suit then she is asking for it and rape is understandable and forgivable.

The Middle East is even worse for women that are Jews or suspected of being Jewish as demonstrated by the recent rape of American journalist Logan. Prior to the attack on her the crowds were yelling “Jew.” If you are a Jew among radical Muslims then all bets are off, you are fair game.

Muslim culture turns women against women. A woman can earn respect if she tattles on other women whom appear immodest and do not follow Sharia law. To American eyes perhaps the most egregious affront on women dictated by Sharia law is the burka. Both France and Germany are considering banning the burka.

Bathing suits for women in strict Muslim countries are to say the least interesting. Anyone who owns a swimming pool knows that clothing carries bacteria and the more clothing the more bacteria, something that pool owners fight to control with chemicals.


Officials in France said they banned the woman’s use of the Islam-friendly suit, head-to-toe swimsuit — dubbed a ‘burquini’ — at a local pool because of France’s pool hygiene standards — not out of hostility to overtly Muslim garb.

The genesis for this total disregard and demeaning of women can be found in the life of Mohammed himself who allowed enslavement of women and married a six-year old girl.

Muslim boys are raised to disrespect women and will participate in honor killings of their sisters. Amina and Sarah were two pretty teens living in Texas until their father killed them for dating non muslim boys. He disappeared with his son after the killing. It was considered an honor killing, acceptable Sharia law.

Foreign women traveling through Islamic countries are suspected of being CIA agents, or Israeli spies and sent to corrupt and seduce Muslim men.

So, America, here comes Sharia Law.

On the following link is a page with dozens of photos of women that have been controlled by acts of Sharia Law. You will turn away in horror if you have the courage to scroll to the bottom of the page. Also there is a link to a video that is equally as horrifying, but America, we need to stand together GO HERE:


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